Our brand

The innocent and mischievous retort of “me naughty” by kids all over the world when reprimanded, inspired the Minoti name. Born in the late 1990’s the brand reflects that innocence, fun and discovery with which kids face life.

The Minoti brand reputation has been built on optimizing the intersectionality, across an extensive range of products and size ranges, of three key fashion values: design, quality and price. Our deep and long standing relationships with both customers and suppliers, ensures consistent delivery of these values to our final consumer.

Minoti is now recognized in over 60 countries as a brand that embodies European design and quality, at prices that remain comfortably within the reach of most households.

Our mission

Our mission is to dress children of ages newborn through 13 years, across the globe, from head to toe, with clothing, footwear and accessories kids want to wear, at prices, quality and design that encourages parents to fulfil that desire.

Meeting the Minoti mission

To achieve our mission, we employ an extensive team of designers, and inspire their fashion vision through encouraging attendance at trade fairs across Europe and the Far East, subscriptions to fashion magazine and web prediction services, and trips to hotbeds of fashion retailing.

The results are reflected in the passion our team bring to their design, and their prodigious output of 1500-2000 styles per season, covering ranges influenced by various trends for both boys and girls, in size ranges 0-12 months, 0-24 months, 9months-3years, 3-8 years and 8-13 years.

The designs are passed over to the buying and sourcing team, who, based on extensive experience, choose where best to place orders to meet suitable material and production availability, as well as costing and quality demands.

Our sales team then get to work. Our two main seasons ranges are launched at either the UK or Polish showrooms in December and June. Attended by retailers and distributors from across the globe, these launches are supplemented with samples and sales books being sent to key agents, face to face meetings being held with key partners, and our exhibiting at trade fairs. Sales are either on a fully delivered basis (currently c80%) or on an FOB direct to customer basis (c20%) with over 95% of goods being sold prior to orders being confirmed, in order to minimize financial and logistical risks.

Next, our qualified merchandising and quality control team ensure that fabrics selected are practical and up to the demands of children’s active lifestyle; garments fit as intended; quality of production is met; manufacturers meet our high safety and ethical production standards, and goods are produced to meet the critical path requirements of on-time shipment.

Finally, our logistics department arranges for the shipment of goods from the factories via our main distribution centre.