Innovation, quality, design and Value are THE fundamental values of the Minoti philosophy.


Minoti is committed to creating ownership desire by it’s wearers and the purchaser. Our promise is to consistently provide our customers with the latest European inspired and designed styles, in the best fabrics, at the best possible value.

Minoti Ltd is a UK based brand licensee that designs, sources and sells Minoti branded apparel and accessories, through a network of wholesalers, retailers, and franchise partners in around 60 countries across the globe.

The brand and order book were purchased by the current owners in mid-2019 and operates out of showroom & offices in Manchester, UK and Warsaw, Poland, distributing out of warehouses in the UK, Poland, Germany, Spain and the UAE.
The company prides itself on its long-standing partnership with both vendors and resale partners.

The Minoti brand reputation has been built on optimizing the intersectionality, across an extensive range of products and size ranges, of three key fashion values: design, quality, and price.
Our deep and long-standing relationships with both customers and suppliers, ensures consistent delivery of these values to our final consumer.

Minoti is more than just consistent quality, more than just value, more than just extensive ranges...
Minoti embodies the best of European design that attracts parents and creates the “I want it” factor in kids.
Minoti is fun, eclectic fashion pieces that are perfect for the stylish and cool kids of all ages.


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